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Driveway Cleaning in Land o' Lakes, FL

Driveway cleaning land o lakes fl

Paul called us one evening and asked us for a quote on a driveway and sidewalk cleaning. Paul's HOA had sent him a letter him know it was that time of year that the association needed homeowners to get their driveways and sidewalks cleaned up if they where not already. This customers property was one that he rented out so he sought out a professional exterior cleaning company to take care of his HOA request for his property which we were more than happy to help him with. Paul sent a few pictures thru text and we set up a time and date that worked for his tenant. When we showed up the driveway and sidewalks were pretty dirty and had a lot of those pesky acorn stains but i knew that wouldn't be a problem for us. I gave the surfaces a quick application of our cleaning solution and grabbed the twenty inch surface cleaner and fired up the 8 gallon a minute machine, the dirt and grime and those acorn stains didn't stand a chance. We made short work of the surfaces and were out of there quickly enough to not inconvenience the tenant. The job came out beautiful and Paul was very pleased with our prompt response and the quality of our work. Thanks again to Paul for giving us the opportunity to clean up your property and get that HOA off your back.

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Client Review: Stephens Powerwash LLC did a great job pressure washing my driveway and sidewalk and made the property look great again. Quick estimate given based on photos. Appointment and work performed quickly and on time.
- Paul F

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